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Ambrehh is Amazing

This is a picture of my car after my adventure last night.
I lost control of it on Route 64 when I swerved to avoid a deer that had jumped directly into my lane right in front of me. My wheels got onto the grass, and all of a sudden the weight of the car caused what was a controlled swerve to turn into 65 mph of fishtailing Honda. It ended with the car going sideways through the ditch at the bottom of the slope, and stopping there.
After I had finished my repeated screaming of  ”F*CK SH*T F*CK SH*T!” that had lasted the entire slide I scolded myself for stupidly letting the engine stall (It’s a stick shift) when the car jerked to a stop. I tried to turn it back on, forgetting that after that much jerking it needs to sit for a bit. SO after turning the key with little result a few times, I then looked at the and mud I was now stuck in. Half of my exhaust pipe was submerged (not the end though). Somehow I got it through my head that this 4-Cylinder 2WD Honda with its 177000 miles was going to just drive out. So after the engine had settled, I successfully started the car, put it in first gear, and eased onto the gas. Instant spin. I stopped, put it in reverse, and eased onto the gas once again. Still just spinning tires. First again, with more gas. Still nothing. Same results for reverse. So just for the heck of it I try to get the car rocking by quickly switching from first to reverse and back again (bad idea in a manual, it becomes real easy tog rind the gears). It moved, just a little, but enough to give me hope. I started rocking it again, not as gentle this time. finally, reverse caught, and i backed up the slippery slope, and onto the road.
Got out, made sure I wasn’t missing anything or leaning horribly to one side, then got back in and drove home.
This morning I took this picture before driving it to work, where it continued to impress by carrying seven 32” CRT TV’s in the back, each one requiring two men to lift. Not a single solitary creak could be heard as we loaded her up. And when my boss needed a jump, the Honda was more than ready to pitch in once again.
Moral of the story?
Honda = best car on earth.
Did I mention that in all ten years of its life, it has only needed one major repair, and even that was relatively small in terms of major repairs (The repair cost $200, and $50 of that was the tow charge) 
Jeep, you are no longer my dream car. Im stickin to Honda :) 

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